TYPE: Document


DESCRIPTION: 1765, 2/-, 6p die A. A sharp albino impression & additional costmark (Nine Pence Quire "Crown" circle handstamp). Beautifully handwritten 4 page document in French in Quebec on handmaid laid paper (when backlit, laid lines and amazing full watermark reveal themselves). The date 'May 15, 1766' clearly shows on the document. Very clean with minimal edge wear and minor document folds along with a small sealed repair at right. Interestingly, this document also shows an offset of the Quire handstamp on back proving that the documents were processed and stacked in multiples.

An amazing Canadian Revenue rarity.

Scott Catalogue Value (RM31) - $4,000.00 USD

This is one of 5 colonial documents recently acquired from the Eastern United States. Each of these documents date back over 250 years (PRE American Revolution). They date range from 1764-1766 and show examples of the albino impression British Tax Stamp that was being used in North American colonies to collect tax from the colonists (TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION). All are on handmade, laid watermarked paper and very few have been reported in private hands. These documents go beyond just Revenue stamp collecting, as they are truly historical.