Consignment Sales

As the philatelic marketplace continues to evolve, so does the Deveney Stamps business model. Online offerings now represent the clear majority of sales overall for us, this is in part due to the pandemic of course but also convenience. The trend for stamp sales was heading that way well before the pandemic began as collectors found that purchasing material from the comfort of their home at anytime was an enticing and enjoyable experience. Deveney Stamps has now surpassed the 50,000 mark for listings online (between the ebay store and website), so it is clear that we have embraced this "new" world. Large, clear scans and the speed at which we can communicate with questions/answers about material makes the online stamp collecting world extremely efficient and matchless.

One new area that seems to have been created by this new philatelic world for our customers is the consignment option for selling their material. Because of the speed at which stamps are listed online here in the shop, and with the immense website traffic/following Deveney Stamps now has, material can be listed and sold within hours. Payments can be transferred to you for material within days or weeks. Month long, or in some cases year long, wait times for auction houses to lot your material, collect payment from the buyer and then send you payment become tiresome and unnecessary for any material that isn't of the highest quality or rarity. Those items at the peak of the pyramid do still demand a large reputable auction house to showcase for the highest potential return, but much of the material we see in auction would do just as well (or perhaps better) on a consignment basis and there is no comparison to the speed at which offerings are presented to collectors.

If you would like to know more about the Deveney Stamps consignment service, please contact us :-)

Stay Safe & Happy Collecting!