Q- How does the approval service work?

A- Upon completion of the form below, a file is created for you. This file will keep your information regarding your collecting interests, specifications etc. It is then time for us to get to work!  We will go through our stock and pull a selection of material we feel best suits your interests and we will mail it out to you at the specified address. Upon receipt of the approvals there will be an invoice with 3 columns. One describes the item, one shows the items cost and the last column is for you to fill in if you wish to keep the item. Simply add up the column of items you wish to keep for your collection and send the package back to us with your returns and payment for items kept. Payment can be made via personal cheque, Credit Card or PayPal.
At first, selections will be quite small as we need to establish a collector-dealer relationship, but eventually selections will evolve and we will "fine tune" the material we send. Bulk purchases are usually subject to further discounts as time goes on.

To sign up for our approval service and start receiving philatelic material on approval, please fill out the form below.

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